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Subject: Applying for User Experience Design Consultant at IBM

Name: Aditya Sisodiya

Field: Interaction Design (M.Des)


B.Tech | Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati - CST

Exchange | HTW Berlin - HCI and Communication Design

M.Des | National Institute of Design - Interaction Design

About Me:

I have 3 years of experience in tech and delivering well-designed products. I have successfully pitched and sold one of my AR applications to Epic Games.  I have strong leadership skills and knowledge of product life cycle management and have recently completed my thesis project at Samsung R&D Bangalore in the area of “5G enabled Cloud Computing and Gaming”.


I would like to express my interest in the User Experience Design position at IBM

The main reason why I want to apply for this role is to use my design knowledge and my past experience effectively at a place where it really matters. My interest lies in designing things that have a purpose and add value to human life. I am a data-driven person and inclined to believe that exhaustive research of the user's journey and emotions is most important for creating impactful products and this is what I want to do now and in the future.


Consistency, Reliability, and Efficiency are the most valuable things that I can offer to you. My past experience in designing applications in the field of AR/VR, Gaming, and VUI has made me completely capable of handling any complex problems. With my experience of creating games, I am also capable of creating experiences that have strong sensorial feedback, low cognitive threshold, and; effective and minimal Interactions. I am concluding my statement now with due respect and request to check my profile for suitability. I am sure and confident that I am incumbent to fill this position with my experience and skills. 

Looking forward to your response.



  • 2021 - Epic Mega Grant Recipient, a $100M Program, granted for a shared-cross-space AR collaboration app I made

  • 2020 - Action on Google Grant Recipient for my VUI Shopping Assistant application designed for Amazon

  • 2018 - Won Unreal Engine Summer Jam - for the best mobile game

  • 2017 - Won Kriti 2017 Brainiac Cup IITG - For Best Platform Fighting Game with Advanced AI

  • 2016 - Won Kriti 2016 Brainiac Cup IITG - For Best Multiplayer 5v5 Game with Advanced AI


Aditya Sisodiya
Portfolio link:

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