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Identify &


Identify &


Ideation & Solution

Ideation & Solution


Infoedge - 99acres, Noida

Property Posting Form UX

UX Designer | Summer Intern

Duration: 2 Months

The Story experiment

Finding out the best way to explain my projects using 

Instagram Story format and to effectively communicate 

my work in short duration


Property Agent | 99acres



The majority of the listing on the 99acres platform are still hosted by users(Listers). To do this they have to fill PPF(Property Posting form). Making it the most important and the backbone structure to 99acres 

The Process







Identify &


Ideation & Solution


Design Brief

Understand the difficulties while listing a property on 99acres and use these insights/touchpoints to redesign the experience of form for posting the property.


  • Rinchan Gupta| EVP Design

  • Ajay Kumar | RM

  • Smita Mittal | Lead Designer | Mentor

  • Abhisek Bagaria | Lead Designer | Mentor

Uniqueness I Offered

  • 1 year of experience in Property Visualization

  • Experience of Designing VUI/ VUX Experiences

  • Background as an Interaction Designer 

  • Rapid Prototyping skills and Usability Testing Experience



Buying a property vs renting is a never-ending debate, but the outcome depends largely on your income and circumstances. If you’re looking to move house, and want to find a suitable rental property or shared accommodation, 99acres can help you find the right fit.

The 99acres app, which is free for Android users, allows you to browse properties for rent, purchase, along with high quality pictures, videos, and maps. 

However, the majority of the listing on our platform are still hosted by users(Listers). To do this they have to fill PPF(Property Posting form). Making it the most important and the backbone strcuture to 99acres 


Why Form UX is so important for 99acres?

Property Posting Form is the backbone in the functioning of 99acres. More users (Listers) post property on the 99acres website, the more listings we have, the more visitors we get.

More Property Tupples in search Result

More Listers

More Buyers and Rentee

More Happy Users of 99acres

Problem Setting/Research Question

  1. How and what native methods people use other than online property listing to sell/ rent a property?

  2. What are the pros and cons of other methods of listing a property?

  3. What are 99acres' competitions?

  4. Heuristic Evaluation of 99acres website and property posting form? 

  5. Identifying problems faced by users by  ghosting their progress in a monitored test environment

  6. Interview brokers and sellers to know more about how they help users physically sell/rent their properties?

  7. Interview Buyers and renters to understand their intent

  8. Analyzing drop point at various stages of property posting by monitoring trackers

  9. What can I do as an interaction Designer to reduce the cognitive load while filling forms?


Secondary Research

Secondary Research

What are the methods used by people to rent/sell their properties?

Social Network

Newspaper classifieds



Outside Property

Word of Mouth

What I looked for?

  • The methods and approach

  • The perception and effectiveness

  • Information hierarchy -min info required to complete action

Key takeaway

  • Simplicity & Ease of execution

  • Time required to complete action

  • User inclination and biases

Before jumping into form UX, I tried reading and learning "How to design effective and simple forms?"

I came across a book Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks by Luke Wroblewski, which held me shape my competitive analysis and Heuristic Evaluations of PPForms

Competitive analysis

Why analysis of fields in form's UX important?

More fields/ data points you collect from the user, the longer your form will be, hence increasing the cognitive load on the user and the possibility of dropping out.

99acres: Property posting form analysis

Why analysis of the field type in the form's UX important?

Because during my research I found, field types affect

  1. The time it takes for a user to execute field

  2. Cognitive load while choosing an option or filling text

  3. Interaction and Ease of execution

Number of field



Heuristic Evaluation 99acres form


Fields to

complete the form


Minutes* to



Chances of dropout at stage 2

Download Report - Secondary Research 


Report: Competitive Analysis

Analysis of- Ease of posting property on other websites


Primary Research

Primary Research

Qualitative Research | Research Methods 

Observational Study

Aim: Monitor step by step progress of user while filling the form

Screen Monitoring & Analytics tool was used on live users. We monitored & analyzed 27 users while filling the form. 

Avg Time was around 15min

Semi-Structured Interview

Objective: Learn about holistic problems faced by users, while also focusing on Form UX


  • 2 Brokers (Buniyad Real Estate Service, Surya Properties)

  • 2 Posters ( Seller, Renter)

  • 2 Service Users (2 Lessor)

Summary of Primary Research


Identify & Define

Identify & Define

Identified Structured Problems

  1. Perception of the length of the form

  2. Time required to post your property

  3. Property form across the platform are not consistent

  4. Ease method of getting photos and location

  5. Establishing a sense of  satisfaction/ validation to the user that they are at the right place

  6. Making form experience more like a conversation and personalized

  7. Keeping user engaged & motivated

  8. Establish with the user the benefit of asking for extra detailed information

UX Points and Goals

  1. Illuminate the path to completion

  2. Ensure consistent communication

  3. Keep proper grouping

  4. Using smart defaults for common fields depending upon previous responses

  5. Interactive progress bar

  6. Sparse use of select menus

  7. Corrective messages on fields

  8. Obvious naming of data and buttons

  9. Provide clear information for why that data is needed

  10. Reducing fluff in the form

  11. One Column layout/ rework on the layout of the form

Problem Statement (to be used for ideation)

Property posting form on 99acres is lengthy, inconsistent across the platform, and fails to communicate with users the benefits of extra details that we are asking for.

Existing PPF form for comparison 

It is lengthy and asks the user for 43 details to list their flat on 99acres

Still not finish!! 

Omg! how long is this form!!

When will this end!!!


Ideation & Solution

Ideation & Solution


Responsive Listing

Dynamically show the user how his listing would look on the 99acres website search result page.

This would motivate them to put effective and lucrative details

Editable property posting page

Allow/ expose the user to micro-design the whole page with the realtime editor. Allowing user (Builders) design custom, brand-centric designs and host it on 99acres.

Sharable personalized card

After successfully posting property we provide the user with a sharable card which they can share from their side with their contacts or in some group. 

Using social media as an onboarding point by using a Chatbot

Using to create a messenger chatbot. This would allow user to just have conversation with 99acres chatbot to list their property with us

Solution 1 (Redesign) 

New Form

  1. 2 Column layout

  2. Smart defaults

  3. Interactive progress bar

  4. 3 Methods to upload photos of the property

  5. 50% reduction in form length (23 fields total, 18 Compulsory)

  6. 50% reduction in form filling time

Old Form

New Form UI | Video 

Solution 2 (VUI)

  1. Conversational Interface

  2. Users can ask any queries they have

  3. More personalized

  4. Corrective VUX

Reduces listing time to 2 min* Average

Eliminates the need to visit our website or download 99acres App

Can be invocated from any Device with google assistant

Evolving with each invocation

VUI gets better with every invocation as it is constantly learning new invocation methods and intent & entity delivery

Requires only 8 Datapoints

Successful listing only required 8 Data points. Can be used the only device and reduces the need to download the app or visit website.

Prototype Video | Developed in Dialogflow

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