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Hiring manager

Subject: Applying for Product Designer at Razorpay

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing to express my strong interest in the Product Designer position at Razorpay. My name is Rajat Kumar, I am a Masters student in Digital game Design at NID Bangalore. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and have recently completed my graduation project at Samsung R&D, Bangalore.

I have experience as a UX/UI designer (3 yrs ) and VUI designer (1 yr) and have successfully delivered 4 XR applications

My experience includes crafting user-centric applications, AR/VR applications that are immersive, and impactful, which gives me a unique perspective on approaching and solving problems. I am well versed in user research, conducting surveys & interviews, and drawing out insights, which has equipped me with a solid base that makes me a good fit for this position. I have expertise in Adobe suite, prototyping tools like XD, Figma, and experience in designing for AR/VR, which I would love to apply at Razorpay.  I am eager to collaborate cross-functionally and comfortable working with product management and development teams to help you build your products. Being a game designer gives me a unique advantage to provide an engaging solution to a complex problem and make your application more fun for the user. 


  • 2021 - Epic Mega Grant Recipient, a $100M Program, granted for a shared-cross-space AR collaboration app I made

  • 2019 - Action on Google Grant Recipient for my VUI Trivia Quiz application designed for Google Assistant

  • 2018 - Won Unreal Engine Summer Jam - for the best mobile game

  • 2017 - Won Kriti 2017 Brainiac Cup IITG - For Best Platform Fighting Game with Advanced AI

  • 2016 - Won Kriti 2016 Brainiac Cup IITG - For Best Multiplayer 5v5 Game with Advanced AI


Unique Proposition 
I like shaping technology into remarkable products and memorable experiences. I am a team player, punctual, adaptive, and fast learner. Razorpay being a leader in online payment has faced challenges and new opportunities since the covid-19 breakout, I see the contactless transaction as an opportunity where we can improve the experience of adapting users to make them comfortable with new digital methods. Digital Payment is a process where trust matters and we are adapting to it very fast, which makes error prevention and handling a paramount UX objective in applications like yours. This is exactly what I like to do and what I am looking for i.e, to work in an innovative environment that can utilize my expertise.


Rajat Kumar
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