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Hi, I am

and my name is

Voice Designer

Rajat Kumar

I love shaping technology into products using design to create sensorial, memorable, and useful experiences. I have a solid background in creating immersive and conversational products.

Indian Institute of Technology


Bachelor in Design

OCAD University


M.Des Digital Futures

Exchange Student

National Institute of Design


Masters in Digital Game Design

My Work

My Work

3D Shapes

Virtual Collaboration 

Crowd with Masks

Graduation Project

During my Graduation Project, worked in media & AI UX team. I researched on challenges and opportunities in virtual collaboration and how Samsung can intervene through its innovation.

Duration: 6 Months

Domain: WFH Environment, AR/VR

Seven Sisters

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Summer Intern

Worked under DST sponsored project titled "Creating Digital Heritage of Representative Architectural Marvels from North-East India"

Duration: 2 Months

Domain: Photogrammetry, Arch Viz,  AR/VR, Data Archive

Design for VR Guidelines 

Domain: Reflection, UX for VR, Headset based VR Design Guide


Summary of my learning in the field of immersive technology. Detailed guidelines of how can we create effective and immersive experiences.


Personal Work

Draw It! AR

Unleash your creativity in AR

Design a multi-user platform to allow them to share, create, ideate, and make collaborative art

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Car Configurator

Product Customization in AR/VR

Design a virtual showroom for allowing user to modify their dream car using AR/VR technology

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Duality AR

Fusion of AR + Non AR Gameplay

“DUALITY”, World as you know it has changed and now 2 different realities exist in the same dimension

Group 103.png


Bringing Couch Multiplayer back!

​Couch game where you collect crystal (orbs), shoot your friend and make him/her beg for points

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Got Away With It

Won UE4Jam | Best Mobile Game

Keep running and keep pissing off police and military to increase the bounty on your head!

Group 177.png

Motion Graphics

Stealth AR game where you play as the alien ship to steal sheep from the former's house.


Works that shaped me

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Digital Futures | 2019

Collection of projects related to physical computing, visual or screen-based computation did during my Canada Semester Exchange

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Hack & Slash VR

Design Project 1 | Semester 2

First-person shooter and hack & slash VR game where AI camera creates cinematics based on player's gameplay

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Hold my company

VUI Game | Alexa |Design Project 3

Management simulation voice game where the player has to make the right decisions as a CTO at an IT company and lead it to success.

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Smart Grip

Haptic Feedback based cycle handle Grip

Enhancing the safety and experience of casual cyclists in a closed urban space.

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Summer Intern

Click-Labs | Chandigarh

Designed a web-based application (Client 1: On-demand Service) and a mobile app (Client 2: Logistic App).

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Save Earth

Motion Graphics

Visual communication and motion graphic assignment to represent how humanity is defacing earth.

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